Monday, 14 June 2010

The Advanced Power State

The first thing I should probably say is the delay in writing this review is in no way a reflection of the book.

The success equation – D x E x E (K + xE) T = Success

The book is a collection of different approaches that make a useful portfolio of tools that one man has collected, implemented and observed in action. All supporting the above equation.

To be fair if the different elements are not always explained in a way that makes them instantly accessible to implement they are certainly discussed in a way that helps you understand them. Indeed they are all explained in a way that makes what David has to say make perfect sense.

Tips, tools, techniques and helpful anecdotes are covered that span building relationships, networking, negotiating, imagination, core skills, taking risks and personal growth. His approach to all these topics is that there is no rights or wrongs just ‘shades of grey’.

Whilst reading this book I was often reminded of many conversations I have had with David. And I am sure I am not the only one.

I know that David is also very keen to share what he has learnt as one person who has had a successful career with those who are at the beginning of their career or people who have come to an impasse with theirs.

As I know that this book has been waiting to be published for a rather long time it is also interesting to note that he has covered hot topics that are current and important today.

Fish! & Fish Tales

One subject, two great books!

Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion and a positive attitude to the job everyday. Imagine and environment in which people are truly connected to their work, colleagues and customers. In this engrossing parable, a fictional manager must transform a chronically unenthusiastic and unhelpful department into an effective team. Down the street from her office, Seattle's very real Pike Place Fish is wildly successful thanks to its fun, bustling atmosphere and great customer service. By applying ingeniously simple lessons learned from the actual Pike Place fishmongers, our manager discovers how to energise those who report to her and effect an astonishing transformation in the workplace.

Addressing today's most pressing work issues with an engaging metaphor that applies to anyone in any organisation, Fish! offers an easy to grasp, profound wisdom - the hallmark of a true business classic.

Lundin (Hodder Mobius)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Giving Constructive Feedback - Key Actions

  • State the constructive purpose of your feedback
  • Describe specifically what you have bserved
  • Describe your reactions
  • Give the other person an opportunity to respond
  • Offer specific suggestions
  • Summarise and express your support